Weeklyish Patch 18 – M-S Encoder/Decoder

It’s been a while since I uploaded a new live rack, but I guess that’s why it’s called “weeklyish”.

This time I’ve built a M-S encoder and decoder. What it does is take a stereo signal, which is encoded in Left and Right channels, and encode it as Mid and Side allowing for separate processing of each and preventing some phase problems that can occur when processing a stereo signal.


Weeklyish Patch 18 - M-S Encoder/Decoder

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2 thoughts on “Weeklyish Patch 18 – M-S Encoder/Decoder

  1. Jeff Schmidt

    very cool!
    any tips on RECORDING M/S in Live? I’ve got a pair of AKG Perception 420’s on a stereo bar, now I’m not sure if I should run them into two separate tracks/clips, or whether I should run them into one track/clip in “stereo” to do M/S.

    1. Monosylabik

      Well, it depends on how you work. The included M-S Decoder rack takes the Mid signal from the Left channel and the Side from the Right of a stereo signal, so you can record both mics into a single track and add the rack, thus keeping the session tidy and both recordings in a single file instead of two.

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