Brake – Ableton Live Project for Download

Lately, Music Production has become incredibly easy to get into. With a few bucks (well, maybe not a few, but not a truckload either anymore) you can have a full featured studio ready for you to break hell lose in it. Great new apps are coming out all the time with more cool features, awesome plug-ins that can put up a fight with expensive studio gear come out almost daily for very cheap or even free. It’s insane and I’m loving it!

The problem is that all these options can sometimes overwhelm you and leave you asking yourself which of the 1000+ options to use for getting and idea out of your head and into the speakers, which can put a bad halt to ideas and creativity. I know the feeling, I’ve been there countless times too.

That’s why I’m releasing one of my Ableton Live sessions for you to play around with. It’s the session for Brake, one of the tracks in my latest EP. You can listen and download it from the player or download the whole EP from the Music page.

It comes as a Live Lesson where I talk about how the track came to be, track per track explanation of the effects I used and why they are there, and some of my thoughts and guidelines I use for Arranging and Mixing. You can read and follow the text from within the session, or take the PDF version elsewhere for reading.

Brake - Live Session Screenshot
Live Set screenshot

You can find the session here:

Brake – Ableton Live Pack (Torrent)

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