Beat Looker – Real Time Beat Mangling Tool

The greatest invention since sliced audio! Scratch, Beat Juggle and Reverse your audio output using only Ableton Live’s built in plug-ins (Simple Delay, Looper and Racks).


Beat Looker

Thanks to Clist for the inspiration with his Beat Lookup Reaktor Patch and mike@TrackTeam Audio for showing what is possible with the new Live 8 delays.

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One thought on “Beat Looker – Real Time Beat Mangling Tool

  1. andersonsjanis95

    I have a question. Ive never used Ableton before, but Im very very interested in this specific feature. Ive been looking for something similar for a very very long time. I want to know if i can hook up my pioneer cdj 400 via Midi to ableton, and use this tool in conjunction with my decks in a way of really scratching the platter, not just simulating scratchy sounds. Please help me out on this one. Thank you.

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