Let’s Break The Silence

It’s been really quiet around here, but it doesn’t mean nothing is happening. Au contraire, things have been quite busy underground getting the foundation for the album done. Yes, that means the first Unit27 album is coming, and it’s going in quite a different direction than the music I’ve done in the past.

Working on an album on your own is really hard as stuff moves much slower than with a band because you’re wearing everyone’s hat. Also, there’s the constant struggle with the urge to show your work as soon as you feel you’ve accomplished something. I’m awful at that one, so here’s a little experiment: If you can’t fight it, join it.

These are preview versions of some tracks I’ve been working on since January. They’re not finished yet, but are now at a point where they represent very well where I’m trying to go with this album. Please spare a few minutes, take a listen and maybe post whatever is on your mind. What you like, what you don’t so much, your feedback will be really helpful to shape the album.

Hope you enjoy.

Upcoming Album Previews by Unit27

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