Weeklyish Patch 07 – Smart Knobs v.1


Ahnold - Get to the Choppa!

Thankfully, that’s not the case, but I’ve got some fairly intelligent ones for you this time. The idea is to have FX where a single knob is mapped to a bunch of parameters in an effect. Awesome to save space on your controller for live performances.

All the way to the left, the effect is off (except on the Reverb), sweep the knob to listen to the different effects that can be achieved.

Weeklyish Patch 07 - Smart Knobs v.1
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3 thoughts on “Weeklyish Patch 07 – Smart Knobs v.1

  1. Laptop Man

    But how do I map it to my keyboard like moldover does? I’m using a Korg microKontrol 49. And I’m stupid. Halp me please

  2. Monosylabik

    Try going to Preferences > MIDI and enabling Remote in all inputs and outputs of the MicroKontrol. Then try using Midi Map on Live to map your controller as needed.

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