Weeklyish Patch 11 – Drums Divider

Drums Divider - Separate a breakbeat into tracks

Drums Divider is a tool that lets you divide a breakbeat into Kick, Snare, and Hats / Cymbals. Very handy for those times when you want to remove the hats or just process the kicks but don’t want to go into chopping up the break.


Weeklyish Patch 11 - Drums Divider
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2 thoughts on “Weeklyish Patch 11 – Drums Divider

  1. Monosylabik

    It really depends on what you want to do with the drums recording. You can do the traditional break slicing with almost any audio editor by cutting each drum hit and loading them into a sampler or rearranging them. There are also tools made for this like ReCycle or Live 7’s new beat slicing feature.

    If you want to completely separate each part of the drum kit the story gets more complicated. What the Drums Divider rack attempts to do is perform that separation by relying on combinations of filters and gates. How effective it is will vary depending on a bunch of factors such as the source material and the settings you use, but most of the time it won’t be perfect and you’ll end up with some bleeding between drum parts and with the sound of the break altered.

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