MIDI Controller Programming for Traktor LE 2

Traktor LE 2 Screenshot

Update: Apparently the Generic MIDI mapping isn’t as generic. The mapping in this doc is taken off the Vestax VCI-100 script, so to make it work you must first select it as your controller from the Setup Wizard. Most buttons on the VCI-100 script use MIDI Notes, which not all controllers can send. I’m looking for a controller script which uses all CCs. I’ll update the chart once I do.

I just picked up a new Traktor Audio 6 soundcard, and so I’ve been learning the ins and outs of the bundled Traktor LE 2 software, which is a reduced version of Traktor Pro.

After some fiddling with the app, I found there doesn’t seem to be a Pitch Fader in the GUI. Seemed a bit strange at first, but they probably removed it to focus on the automatic syncing features for the LE version. Still, I found out the app still supports some hardware controllers which do include pitch faders, and that it has a Generic MIDI map for controllers that aren’t directly supported.

So, it occurred to me that maybe this Generic MIDI map gives the ability to control your decks’ Pitch Fader from a controller even when you can’t from directly from Traktor’s GUI. I loaded up MidiPipe, routed it to and from Traktor, and used its tools to find what CCs controlled the decks’ pitch. I found them, but that led deeper into looking for other CCs and Notes that controlled other functions.

Below you’ll find a MIDI chart I came up with with all the controls I found, including mixer, deck, FX and browser controls, and what Note or CC your controller has to send for each function. I think I found most controls needed to use Traktor from a MIDI controller, but the chart might not be complete. I’ll update it if I find new mappable controls.

Download: Traktor LE 2 Generic MIDI Chart

To enable your controller, go to Traktor’s Preferences and launch the Setup Wizard. There select the Vestax VCI-100 as your controller and set your mixer preferences. Then, in Preferences > Controller manager, under Device select General MIDI, and set your in and out ports to your controller’s MIDI I/O.

Have fun.

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