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Unit27 is a DJ, turntablist and producer based in Mexico City. His previous work largely consists of sample based hip hop, trip hop, downtempo and various forms of electronic music.

Playing guitar since 1998, Unit27 soon found himself drawn into the world of music production, leading to his discovery of Live in 2006. In 2012 he released Ninth Earth, a self-released trip hop album fully produced, mixed and mastered for vinyl using Live. In the same year he won the Live Set Production with Ableton Live contest at the DJ World Music Conference in Mexico City, by fusing Live’s capabilities with the use of turntables as a musical instrument.

Since then, Unit27 has held Ableton Live, music production and DJ software production workshops all over Mexico, including venues such as Centro Cultural España and Universidad de la Música G Martell for Red Bull Thre3style 2016. He currently teaches DJing and music production for young people at CEDAM Centro Educativo de Arte y Música, and gives one-on-one instruction to students of all levels, including topics like Introduction to Live, Live Set Development and Live for DJs and Turntablists.

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