Here you’ll find lessons, racks and helpful stuff for use in Ableton Live.


Brake – Making Of – Live Session where I talk about how I made my track Brake.

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Racks Lesson – A step by step starter’s guide on how to use racks.

Weeklyish Patch

Weeklyish Patch 25 – Tap Sequence
Program a note list and play through it with a single MIDI note. Live 8+
Weeklyish Patch 24 – Beat Juggler
Real time audio input beat juggling. Live 6+.
Weeklyish Patch 23 – Citrus Distortion
Limiter based distortion unit. Live 8+
Weeklyish Patch 22 – Formant Shift0r
Splits the incoming signal into 4 bands, then allows for independent pitch shifting of each.
Weeklyish Patch 21 – Drum Synth 2
The original Drum Synth built into a powerful Drum Rack.
Weeklyish Patch 20 – Drum Synth
A drums and percussive sounds synthesizer.
Weeklyish Patch 19 – Synthpler
3 oscillator synth built off Simpler and Live’s FX
Weeklyish Patch 18 – M-S Encoder/Decoder
Left/Right to Mid/Side and back encoder.
Weeklyish Patch 17 – Freezeverb
Extra long tail/endless reverb using Live Reverb’s Freeze function
Weeklyish Patch 16 – Bass Monomaker
Bass Monomaker is a Rack that converts the lower part of the spectrum into mono.
Weeklyish Patch 15 – Feedback Theory Synth
Synth using a sample of a mixer fed back into itself as waveform.
Weeklyish Patch 14 – Formantager
Auto Filter plus Redux for formant like goodness.
Weeklyish Patch 13 – Drum Repeat
Adds MPC like Note Repeat function to MIDI input.
Weeklyish Patch 12 – Stereo Reverb
Stereo to Stereo reverb with Mid-Side EQ.
Weeklyish Patch 11 – Drums Divider
A tool that lets you divide a breakbeat into Kick, Snare, and Hats / Cymbals.
Weeklyish Patch 10 – Formant Filter
Simulates the filtering done by the vocal tract for different vowels.
Weeklyish Patch 09 – Vocal Remover
Removes anything panned dead center between a low and a high frequency. Useful to remove vocals for mashups.
Weeklyish Patch 08 – Multiband Distortion
A 4 band distortion, letting you distort different parts of a signal’s spectrum individually.
Weeklyish Patch 07 – Smart Knobs v.1
FX where a single knob is mapped to a bunch of parameters in an effect. Awesome to save space on your controller for live performances. Compressor, Distortion, Reverb, Delay, and Beat Repeat.
Weeklyish Patch 06 – Lo & Hi Exciter
Load it in a Return track and it’ll allow adding some distortion to the highs and lows and mixing them nicely with the clean signal, helping bring out some top harmonics and rounding out the bottom.
Weeklyish Patch 05 – Dub Delay
Dub delay. Stick it in a return track, make the return track feedback into itself and tweak away.
Weeklyish Patch 04 – Dist Machine
Live’s Distortions built into a single rack.
Weeklyish Patch 03 – Layering Impulse
An extended Impulse that allows 16 drum parts with 4 samples each. Impulse’s filter, saturator and timestretching for each sample slot allows some quick and dirty drums layering.
Weeklyish Patch 02 – NY Style Compressor
NY Style Compression is simply a process where the original uncompressed signal is mixed with a heavily compressed copy of the same signal. These racks add a Dry/Wet control to Live’s Compressors, allowing easy mixing of the compressed and uncompressed
Weeklyish Patch 01 – M-Axe
This is the first of a series of (hopefully) Weekly patches for Ableton Live. M-Axe is a Simpler Rack meant to create a guitar like sound off a short snare sample.


Beat Looker

Speak & Spell – Speak & Spell alphabet and samples compatible with Live 6. Thanks to eggnchips for the original Live 7 version.

16 Step Sequencer (Mac/PC) – MIDI rack that generates a 1 bar pattern with modifyable pitch, note length and velocity for each note.

Limiter (Mac/PC) – A brickwall limiter made from Live plug-ins.

Stutterer (Mac-PC) – Load a small sample such as a vocal phrase and wreak havoc with it. Very powerful when used with clip automation.