Weeklyish Patch 09 – Vocal Remover

Tired of watching your singer hook up every time while you only get to lug the gear around afterwards? Ever thought the band would do better as a vocals free 13 min long songs Progressive Rock band? Maybe you can’t fire him/her (it’s in the contract), but you sure can remove the voice with this brand new Vocal Remover!

Vocal Remover - Erase your singer

Just set your Lows and Highs bypass frequencies, the amount of reduction and VOILA! the singer’s gone! (along with some other stuff, but really, who cares about lead guitar?)

P.S.: Also damn useful for remixes and mashups, it’s not all hating the dude with the mic.

Weeklyish Patch 09 - Vocal Remover
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Weeklyish Patch 07 – Smart Knobs v.1


Ahnold - Get to the Choppa!

Thankfully, that’s not the case, but I’ve got some fairly intelligent ones for you this time. The idea is to have FX where a single knob is mapped to a bunch of parameters in an effect. Awesome to save space on your controller for live performances.

All the way to the left, the effect is off (except on the Reverb), sweep the knob to listen to the different effects that can be achieved.

Weeklyish Patch 07 - Smart Knobs v.1
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The Future of Ideas (e-book)

Lawrence Lessig - The Future Of Ideas

Found this free e-book not long ago and I think it’s an incredibly eye opening read for those who use the internet as a creation and consumption tool of intellectual property (AKA all of us).

In it, Lawrence Lessig talks extensively about how the internet has moved from it’s creation as an even grounded network, open to any kind of innovation, towards a one sided power driven network where the end user has little option but to be a passive consumer.

Lawrence Lessig – The Future of Ideas

Also, here’s his How Creativity is Being Strangled by the Law talk from TED Conference

Lawrence Lessig (born June 3, 1961) is an American academic. He is a professor of law at Stanford Law School and founder of its Center for Internet and Society. Lessig founded Creative Commons and is a board member of the Electronic Frontier Foundation and of the Software Freedom Law Center. He is best known as a proponent of reduced legal restrictions on copyright, trademark and radio frequency spectrum, particularly in technology applications.

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Weeklyish Patch 03 – Layering Impulse

This week’s rack is a tool I use extensively. It’s an extended Impulse that allows 16 drum parts with 4 samples each. Impulse’s filter, saturator and timestretching for each sample slot allows some quick and dirty drums layering.

Simpler than Drum Rack but extending what a single Impulse can do, it’s a great addition to your arsenal.

Weeklyish Patch 03 - Layering Impulse

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Weeklyish Patch 02 – NY Style Compressor

This week, I’ bringing you some NY Style Compression racks.

NY Style Compression is simply a process where the original uncompressed signal is mixed with a heavily compressed copy of the same signal. These racks add a Dry/Wet control to Live’s Compressors, allowing easy mixing of the compressed and uncompressed signals.

Weeklyish Patch 02 - NY Style Compressor

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Monosylabik featured on Livepa Blog Podcast

Ever since I found it, Livepa Blog has been a great place to find new live electronic music along with the latest news, gear previews, reviews and a lot more about Live P.A.

This time, they’re featuring a short Live Set of mine:

Livepa: Where Electronic Music Comes Alive: Monosylabik Liveset 01/03/08

Once there, I really recommend you to check the archives for other great live sets and videos, and subscribe to their feed to automatically get their latest posts.

For more info on what Live P.A. is (and to see what separates us from DJs), visit Livepa.org. Check the FAQ over there and visit the forums.

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