Brake – Ableton Live Project for Download

Lately, Music Production has become incredibly easy to get into. With a few bucks (well, maybe not a few, but not a truckload either anymore) you can have a full featured studio ready for you to break hell lose in it. Great new apps are coming out all the time with more cool features, awesome plug-ins that can put up a fight with expensive studio gear come out almost daily for very cheap or even free. It’s insane and I’m loving it!

The problem is that all these options can sometimes overwhelm you and leave you asking yourself which of the 1000+ options to use for getting and idea out of your head and into the speakers, which can put a bad halt to ideas and creativity. I know the feeling, I’ve been there countless times too.

That’s why I’m releasing one of my Ableton Live sessions for you to play around with. It’s the session for Brake, one of the tracks in my latest EP. You can listen and download it from the player or download the whole EP from the Music page.

It comes as a Live Lesson where I talk about how the track came to be, track per track explanation of the effects I used and why they are there, and some of my thoughts and guidelines I use for Arranging and Mixing. You can read and follow the text from within the session, or take the PDF version elsewhere for reading.

Brake - Live Session Screenshot
Live Set screenshot

You can find the session here:

Brake – Ableton Live Pack (Torrent)

If you find it useful, please feel free to share it.




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5, 4, 3, 2, 1…

…Happy New Year!

If you’re one of those people that come from the future (or is in a different time zone) and the New Year is already there, party HARD, but don’t be greedy and save some partying for the rest of us.

Here, 2008 looks promising, with lots of cool stuff, projects, gigs, ideas and more, but I’ll save those for some other time. For now cheers and make sure you milk every single drop out of the New Year Cow.

All the Best,


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It’s Alive!

Welcome to my new home in this series of pipes called the internet. Hope I’m not clogging them and preventing some important piece of intel information from going through.

The player to the right contains all 4 tracks from “Monosylabik”, my current EP. You can listen by pressing the huge play button, which will also reveal a download link for each. Feel free to grab those you like, or go for the whole enchilada and get the whole EP along with it’s Artwork from the Music page.

On the right hand bar you’ll find a small form to join my Mailing List (please do so), links to my pages in other sites and networks, a small stories rotator from my MOG, the Listen to This feed where I’ll add music that I love and would recommend, and the Monolinks where I’ll add interesting and useful stuff to read. Remember you can use the RSS buttons in each section, including the humongous one at the top, to subscribe to the different sections of the site using an RSS reader. That way you’ll be the first to know when something new happens on the site.

There’s also pictures, live dates, stuff for Ableton Live and there’s more on it’s way.

Enjoy your stay.

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Live Acid, Projects, and Popping the Blogging Cherry.

Well, here it goes.

Maybe it’s the cold, but this month has been one filled with sleeping at times where everyone’s awake and sleeping through everyone else’s day. But I’m a night owl, can’t help it.

Strangely, this month has been really productive, far more than my usual Decembers where everything is about Christmas and New Year and overall, not doing anything, but this time, it has been about getting inspired, planning and creating a rough road map for the year to come. OH NO, I’M GROWING UP!

For now, I can’t give away a lot of details, but I’m planning a little project whose outcome is completely unpredictable to me. I’m still working up the details, but hopefully, it should be up and running somewhere in January.

Also, I did some road work for landing a gig that I’m very excited about. If it happens, maybe it could be the first official Monosylabik gig. I’ll keep you posted about that.

For now, I’ll leave you with a set I recorded last Dec. 13. It was really fun to play and made me explore a part of music making that I hadn’t had a chance to dig into until now, and have to say it’s some of the most fun anyone could have with their clothes on. You can download the whole thing from my Music.

mog.com More about this song Share

Hope you enjoy it and Happy Holidays.

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Monosylabik EP Available!

<a href="http://monosylabik.bandcamp.com/album/monosylabik-ep">Headache by Monosylabik</a>

Today is a very exciting day for me. I’m releasing my first EP. It’s a 4 track EP consisting of songs I’ve been working on for a year, including “In Itself”, the first Monosylabik track ever.

The tracks are:

  1. Headache
  2. Brake
  3. Primitive Person
  4. In Itself

And the best part is that you can get it completely FREE as a digital download. You can also get the individual tracks from the player.

Hope you enjoy listening as much as I enjoyed making this.

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