By now, you’ve probably seen this icon RSS icon everywhere and wonder what it means.

It is the RSS icon, and it means that anything it’s attached to has an easy way to send out notifications every time it’s content is updated. This is called a Feed.

“But how is that useful to me?” you may ask. Well, think about all the sites you visit in your early morning routine. You probably go to each looking for news, entertainment, new videos, just released music, funny pictures, product reviews, tutorials, friend updates. You name it. Now, think about how much information you discard off those sites because you’ve already seen it before or it’s new but simply doesn’t interest you. Scanning each site for the info you want takes time, and when you add it up, it can be a lot.

What if there was a way to have a piece of software do the scanning for you and deliver all the new relevant information you want right in front of your eyes in an easily readable way? Well, using RSS Feeds, along with a piece of software or web tool called Feed Reader or RSS Aggregator. You just tell the Reader what Feeds you want it to check, and it will do all the website jumping and scanning for you, providing you with all the relevant up to date info you need.

If you click on the huge RSS Icon on the top right corner, you’ll see a page where you can easily subscribe to my main Feed from, giving you a bunch of Feed Reader options to subscribe with. Personally, I use Google Reader just because it is incredible simple to use, but you should check out other options to find what works for you. Even Firefox and Safari have ways to subscribe to Feeds now right from your browser.