Weeklyish Patch Collection

Weeklyish Patch Collection Cover

Weeklyish Patch is a series of Ableton Live Racks I’ve built. This collection bundles 24 devices, some tweaked and improved, and new ones like Headphone Speaker Sim, a rack which simulates the stereo field of studio monitors while listening through headphones.

The included devices:

  • Bass Monomaker
  • Formant Shift0r
  • NY Style Compressor
  • Smart Knobs v1
  • MS Encoder – Decoder
  • Citrus Distortion
  • Dist Machine
  • Drums Divider
  • Dub Delay
  • Formant Filter
  • Formantager
  • Freezeverb
  • Headphone Speaker Sim
  • Lo & Hi Exciter
  • Multiband Distortion
  • Stereo Reverb
  • Vocal Remover
  • Drum Repeat
  • Tap Sequence
  • Drum Synth 2
  • Synthpler
  • M-Axe
  • Feedback Theory Synth
  • Beat Juggler

Grab them now:  Weeklyish Patch Collection

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Weeklyish Patch 22 – Formant Shift0r

Formant Shift0r - GLadOS will be jealous

Formant Shift0r - GLadOS will be jealous

This is the rack the robots will use to talk through (along with some vocoding) while tearing through earth once Skynet becomes self aware.

Formant Shift0r splits the incoming signal into 4 bands, then allows for independent pitch shifting of each. It comes in 2 flavors:

Parallel – allows for independent pitch shifting of each band.
In-line – pitch shifts each band relative to the previous band’s setting.


Weeklyish Patch 22 - Formant Shift0r
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Beat Looker – Real Time Beat Mangling Tool

The greatest invention since sliced audio! Scratch, Beat Juggle and Reverse your audio output using only Ableton Live’s built in plug-ins (Simple Delay, Looper and Racks).


Beat Looker

Thanks to Clist for the inspiration with his Beat Lookup Reaktor Patch and mike@TrackTeam Audio for showing what is possible with the new Live 8 delays.

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Weeklyish Patch 18 – M-S Encoder/Decoder

It’s been a while since I uploaded a new live rack, but I guess that’s why it’s called “weeklyish”.

This time I’ve built a M-S encoder and decoder. What it does is take a stereo signal, which is encoded in Left and Right channels, and encode it as Mid and Side allowing for separate processing of each and preventing some phase problems that can occur when processing a stereo signal.


Weeklyish Patch 18 - M-S Encoder/Decoder

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Weeklyish Patch 17 – Freezeverb

It’s always “more distortion” or “more cowbell”, but no one ever asks for more reverb. How sad.

Well, if you are with me on this, here’s a reverb fix for you. This week’s rack uses Live Reverb’s Freeze function to generate the decay, allowing super long reverb tails and endless reverb when cranking the Decay all the way up. Also, it adds a M/S EQ for fine control of every aspect of your reverb’s tone.


Weeklyish Patch 17 - Freezeverb

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