Weeklyish Patch 15 – Feedback Theory Synth

Feedback Theory Synth is a rack created off a sample of a DJ mixer fed back into itself (tone snob note: a Stanton SA3 fed back into itself).

Here’s part of a tutorial by the Scratch Perverts where Prime Cuts explains how to setup a mixer for feedback.

Feedback Theory explained at 5:22

Download the rack:

Weeklyish Patch 15 - Feedback Theory Synth
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Weeklyish Patch 12 – Stereo Reverb

This rack was built based on a post by Robert Henke in the Ableton forums about how Live’s reverb takes the input signal, sums it to mono, then processes it and outputs a stereo reverb.

What the Stereo Reverb does is split the signal into L and R channels and process each with its own reverb. It then adds an M/S EQ to allow independent tone control between the reverb’s center and its sides.

Stereo Reverb

Get it over here:

Weeklyish Patch 12 - Stereo Reverb
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Weeklyish Patch 09 – Vocal Remover

Tired of watching your singer hook up every time while you only get to lug the gear around afterwards? Ever thought the band would do better as a vocals free 13 min long songs Progressive Rock band? Maybe you can’t fire him/her (it’s in the contract), but you sure can remove the voice with this brand new Vocal Remover!

Vocal Remover - Erase your singer

Just set your Lows and Highs bypass frequencies, the amount of reduction and VOILA! the singer’s gone! (along with some other stuff, but really, who cares about lead guitar?)

P.S.: Also damn useful for remixes and mashups, it’s not all hating the dude with the mic.

Weeklyish Patch 09 - Vocal Remover
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Weeklyish Patch 07 – Smart Knobs v.1


Ahnold - Get to the Choppa!

Thankfully, that’s not the case, but I’ve got some fairly intelligent ones for you this time. The idea is to have FX where a single knob is mapped to a bunch of parameters in an effect. Awesome to save space on your controller for live performances.

All the way to the left, the effect is off (except on the Reverb), sweep the knob to listen to the different effects that can be achieved.

Weeklyish Patch 07 - Smart Knobs v.1
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