Weeklyish Patch 17 – Freezeverb

It’s always “more distortion” or “more cowbell”, but no one ever asks for more reverb. How sad.

Well, if you are with me on this, here’s a reverb fix for you. This week’s rack uses Live Reverb’s Freeze function to generate the decay, allowing super long reverb tails and endless reverb when cranking the Decay all the way up. Also, it adds a M/S EQ for fine control of every aspect of your reverb’s tone.


Weeklyish Patch 17 - Freezeverb

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Weeklyish Patch 12 – Stereo Reverb

This rack was built based on a post by Robert Henke in the Ableton forums about how Live’s reverb takes the input signal, sums it to mono, then processes it and outputs a stereo reverb.

What the Stereo Reverb does is split the signal into L and R channels and process each with its own reverb. It then adds an M/S EQ to allow independent tone control between the reverb’s center and its sides.

Stereo Reverb

Get it over here:

Weeklyish Patch 12 - Stereo Reverb
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