Kid Koala 12 Bit Blues Contest Routine

Here’s a new scratch routine I built for the Kid Koala 12 Bit Blues Contest.

For this one I used the 15 Blues Bits Battle Flexi included with the 12 Bit Blues special edition, and Ableton Live’s Looper to do the layering off one turntable.

If you like the routine please give it Thumbs Up on Youtube, I’d really appreciate it.

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Beat Looker – Real Time Beat Mangling Tool

The greatest invention since sliced audio! Scratch, Beat Juggle and Reverse your audio output using only Ableton Live’s built in plug-ins (Simple Delay, Looper and Racks).


Beat Looker

Thanks to Clist for the inspiration with his Beat Lookup Reaktor Patch and mike@TrackTeam Audio for showing what is possible with the new Live 8 delays.

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