Novation Dicer Mapping

Novation Dicer

Download: Unit27 Dicer Mapping

Yesterday, while setting up, I ran into an issue with my Dicer. I had to set up the computer to the right of the CDJs coffin, and the USB, long as it is, didn’t reach all the way to the left deck. Remapping its controls wasn’t an option, so I couldn’t use them.

To remedy this, I’ve made a custom mapping that comes in two versions, normal and inverted. This lets you set up the computer on either side, run the USB to the nearest Dicer and link the other one. Just enable the needed mapping’s I/O, disable the other mapping and you’re set.

The mapping is based on the official Dicer mapping for Traktor Scratch, with added ability to set Loop In / Loop Out, turn Snap On / Off, and Browser and Track loading controls in the Shift Layers.

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